Vitamin D - how can it help you?

July 2010

Known as the 'Sunshine Vitamin,' Vitamin D was believed to be primarily associated with our ability to absorb calcium from our foods. We now know that most tissues in the body require Vitamin D for normal operation. Low levels of this Vitamin can lead to a multitude of medical problems with our joints, bones, muscles, heart and even our immune system.

Unfortunately, many of us (up to 90% by some estimates) have insufficient levels of Vitamin D. This is due to many factors. Compared to our ancestors, fewer of us work outside full time, some refrain from foods that contain Vitamin D (such as eggs or dairy), and more of us wear sunscreen (which blocks natural production of this Vitamin). In addition, most of the U.S., the sun is not intense enough to make Vitamin D from November to March, so naturally this is the time when our levels are lowest.

The good news is that supplemental Vitamin D, found in Joint Juice® products, can help maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D throughout the year.